The MOT Test

The MOT test is a vehicle check that is compulsory for all vehicles that are over 3 years old and registered in the UK.

Testing ensures that vehicles are in a safe and roadworthy condition at the time of the test, but it is worth bearing in mind that a certificate only guarantees road worthiness at the time of issue though the certificate is valid for a year.

MOT nominated testers are accredited by VOSA (Vehicles and Operator Services Agency) to assess your vehicle against specific safety criteria and to pass it as acceptable and safe or not.

We have a dedicated MOT bay and can carry out your MOT whilst you wait or provide a courtesy car (subject to status and availability) if you require.

We can provide an estimate of any repair work should your vehicle need it. We will also quote on any advisory items that have passed the test but will require attention in the future.

Engine Management

Engine management, ABS/SRS and Airbag light diagnosis, most vehicles these days have a computerised E.M.S (engine management system) which consists of numerous sensors feeding data to a central computer. If the E.M.L (engine management light) A.B.S (anti locking brakes) or the airbag/SRS (supplemental restraint system) lights stay illuminated after start up the EMS is warning you that the system has detected a fault.

We have invested in the latest Autel Maxisys Ultra diagnostic and information system which enables us to connect to the vehicles computer system and retrieve any fault codes held in the system. Using these codes we can diagnose the area of the problem and quote for any necessary repairs. Sometimes just clearing the codes will result in putting the lights out. The ABS and airbag/SRS lights are now MOT failures as is the engine management light on certain vehicles so will need to be extinguished before a certificate is issued.

Code reader diagnosis £35.00 + VAT

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning and climate control is now a feature on most modern cars. The air-con system in your vehicle is not usually covered by most manufacturers service schedules and the refrigerant gas that is used to operate the system depletes over time. On average most manufacturers recommend on air-con recharge every 24 months. We can check the performance of the vehicles system and recharge the refrigerant in approximately one hour.

Air-con recharge from £49.95 + VAT

Air conditioning provides a pleasant environment for driving, however bacteria, fungus and mould can build up in the system causing unpleasant smells, irritation to eyes and bronchial tubes, bacterial infections and allergic reactions. We can solve this problem by using an anti-bacterial treatment that destroys the bacterial growth and leaves your vehicle smelling fresh again.

Hygiene clean from £15.00 + VAT

Free Hygiene clean with any air-con recharge

Service & Repair

Why do we need to service our cars? Regular service and maintenance can extend the life of your vehicle. It can also:

    • Reduce the cost of repair over the lifetime of the vehicle.
    • Reduce unforeseen repair/breakdown costs.
    • Reduce vehicle time off road.
    • Increase fuel consumption
  • Increase re-sale value

At Burnham Motors we can service and repair most makes of car and light commercial.
Auto data provides us with technical information for cars and light commercials covering over 34,000 models researched from 142 vehicle manufactures covering 99% of the vehicles on the road. Their information systems ensure that we have access to the most accurate, relevant and up-to-date manufacturers information needed for full service, repair and diagnostic work.
If you have any concerns about your vehicle or need an estimate for any repair work, tyres, exhausts, shocks, or batteries please do not hesitate to contact us on 01328 738387 where we will be more than happy to advise and help.

50% OFF an MOT if carried out with a full service

Maximise your cars performance.

The Fortron Injector Max Machine provides a simple and effective method of cleaning both petrol and diesel fuel systems, intake systems, EGR valves & DPF’s without removing them from the vehicle.

More Info

ATF Exchanger

This garage is equipped with the latest automatic transmission fluid exchanger (ATF machine)

After a successful ATF oil service, you will notice the below improvements:

  • Smoother gear change
  • Reduced transmission noise
  • Easier gear selection
  • Reduced transmission vibrations
  • Faster up shift during acceleration

We are an approved fitting centre for, and